Running 2013: Recap

2013, AKA a year of shin splints, was the first year since 2010 that I didn’t sustain a single fracture.  This alone qualifies it as a winner.  But a brief overview:


  • Missed a 5K PR by three seconds in a NYE “fun run”
  • 10 mile PR by close to twenty minutes


  • 4 mile PR, qualify for a faster NYRR corral
  • peroneal tendinitis


  • Jerusalem Half Marathon — PR by 2:07:39


  • First trail race; second-place AG award


  • Long Island Half Marathon — PR by close to seven minutes
  • mile TT; first-ever sub-7:00 mile


  • miss a 5K PR despite two attempts, thanks to (respectively) a poorly marked course and horrible humidity


  • surprise 5K PR — knocked off 35 seconds
  • technically PR by 13 seconds in the 10K at the NYC Triathlon


  • 10K PR to notch sub-50:00; third female OA
  • Battle of Brooklyn 10 miler brings on a nasty bout of ITBS


  • Fifth Avenue Mile — a disappointing 6:54 thanks to said ITBS


  • Atlantic City Half Marathon — could have been a PR despite windy conditions, but again, ITBS
  • Found Strength Running, invested in an individual training plan, begin to bid ITBS adieu
  • Run the Runway 5K — first female OA


  • Earned badass cred at the Chanukah Chalf
  • Unexpectedly huge 5 mile PR at the PPTC Turkey Trot (20 seconds per mile faster than last year)


  • Didn’t PR in the 5K because personal safety in icy conditions took precedence; second place AG award

Totals for the Year: 18 races, 8 PRs, four awards, and zero fractures.

I skipped the minor “injuries” that crop up all the time — since whenever I feel anything, I freak out that it’s a fracture.  That happened pretty much every month of the year, and saying it repeatedly would have been stupid.

As for 2014… I’d like to PR in all distances, except maybe the 10K since I loathe the distance so much that I don’t want to run another one for a while!  But my primary focus is on the half marathon, because that distance has a special spot in my heart after what happened at my first attempt.  And even more than that, I want to make it through the entire year healthy.  I’ve had enough of this injury nonsense.

And if it feels right, I might take a shot at the marathon in 2014.  Maybe.


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